The Worldpress Longtail Blog Strategy

  •   18th April 2018
  •   : Blog

Using WordPress Tags and Google+ targeting longtail keywords can really turbo charge rankings for multiple reasons, not only the long tails but also your mid tail and main SEO target keywords.

In the video below I first go over the strategy in brief, and then slowly make a post with this strategy so you can see every step of the way. Be warned though, my idea of a “quick video” on this turned into a 44 minute epic, so you may want to grab some strong coffee lol – if you’re pretty tech / SEO savvy the first 5-10 mins though should do the trick.

I’ve also made a little tool below to help speed up making lists for hashtags and WordPress tags for this strategy…

Any questions on it please feel free to contact me 🙂

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