PPC Remarketing

Scott’s Google remarketing services increase sales by targeting potential customers who have shown an interest in your business. AdWords boosts confidence in your brand and gives users all the chances they need to make a purchase. For more information about Scott’s remarketing strategies, watch the video or Read more.

More About Scott’s Remarketing Strategies

Scott is a self-confessed internet marketing addict who has been finding innovative ways to help businesses to grow online since the ‘90s. He has kept a close eye on the way the search engines have evolved over the years, and adapted his approach to stay ahead of his competitors while keeping his prices low. Scott has developed a series of powerful algorithm systems to review and optimize his clients’ AdWords accounts. The power of Scott’s fast and efficient automated systems is equivalent to several PPC professionals working full-time, so you get an exceptional service for a remarkably reasonable price.
Scott encourages his clients to consider dividing their PPC budget between Google AdWords and Bing. Due to its size and popularity, many companies overlook Bing and devote all of their resources to AdWords campaigns. In fact, Bing has a higher search volume for some niches, not to mention the fact that many keywords are far less competitive, so it’s often possible to achieve good results at a remarkably low cost.

Scott never cuts corners and, unlike many other Google remarketing agencies, he delivers all internet marketing services himself, to the very highest standard. When you work with Scott.Services, you’ll have peace of mind that none of your work is being outsourced. Scott is committed to only using reliable internet marketing techniques, focused on outstanding long-term results. He will never use ethically and legally problematic ‘grey hat’ or ‘black hat’ strategies, which rarely achieve long-lasting success, and can cause all kinds of problems for your brand.

Honestly Priced Google Remarketing Services

Scott’s PPC services are transparent and honestly priced. That’s why he will work directly through your AdWords account, rather than insisting on using his own. Unfortunately, it’s increasingly common for AdWords remarketing agencies to charge their clients far more than their ads really cost. For example, an agency might charge you £10,000 for your AdWords ads when, in reality, they only cost £5,000 and the agency which is supposed to be helping your brand has pocketed the difference.  By working with your account, Scott makes the whole process completely transparent. You’ll settle your bill with Google directly, so you’ll be able to keep track of exactly how much you’re spending. The other advantage of Scott working with your account is that he will improve your quality score, which affects how much you pay for your ads and the overall success of your campaigns. With good management and optimisation, Scott will increase your score, reducing the cost of your ads while increasing your conversion rate and profit. If and when you decide to move on, you will inherit the quality score which Scott has developed for you. Many agencies insist on using their own account, which makes it difficult for clients to leave because they will have to start all over again with a low quality score. Scott believes this practice is unfair, which is why he always offers to work directly with clients’ AdWords accounts.

Remarketing Campaign White Label Reselling Programme
Get in touch with Scott today if you’re interested in becoming a white label reseller for Google AdWords remarketing and other internet marketing services. All of Scott’s PPC and SEO packages are geared towards reselling. You’ll be provided with all the guidance you need to start signing up clients. With the help of Scott’s free review pack and PPC health check, you’ll be amazed by how quickly you start signing up clients and generating a significant monthly income. You can even boost your earnings by signing up your own resellers.
  • Powerful & cost-effective internet marketing
  • Increases your conversion rate & sales
  • Builds confidence & trust in your brand
  • Gives users multiple chances to take action
  • Increases the flow of leads to your website
  • Honest & fair pricing – no tie-in contracts
Find Out More About Scott’s PPC Remarketing 
If you’re considering investing in remarketing or any other internet marketing services, why not take advantage of Scott.Services’ review pack? 100% free of charge or obligation, Scott’s detailed review includes valuable data on your website’s current ranking – and what could be done to improve your online performance. Scott offers a full PPC health check, which focuses on how your AdWords account could be optimized to reduce the amount you spend on your ads while increasing your conversion rate and profit. Get in touch today for more information about Scott’s free review.