About Me

When defining business goals, maybe you’re aiming to get more of the right traffic through the door, or perhaps even learn more about your website’s performance. I’ve been where you are today, with my story beginning over 20 years ago, taking me on a journey to help clients such as yourselves.

Where did it all begin?

My SEO journey started back in the summer of 1995. Having been a fully-qualified, FSA-regulated, independent financial adviser for some years, my business was growing and doing extremely well.

But with my roots in computer science, I watched the internet explode with great fascination. With that, I decided to start my own affiliate website for a mobile phone company.

The website was basic, and I don’t mean 2.0 basic. It was ugly basic and only had four mobile phone deals to choose from. But it did a job, and whilst it was a side hobby at first, it was through this website that I learnt the power of online marketing.

Fast-forward to Winter of 1995, and I was three weeks into working on a large investment bond case which a client had just signed on. I was driving home with the biggest grin on my face, because the commission on the deal was fantastic!

It was the next morning that I decided to check how my side mobile phone ‘hobby’ was doing…

Online marketing results beyond my wildest dreams

My initial hope for this basic affiliate website I created was that maybe it would allow me to treat my family to a holiday one day. So, I logged on, not expecting anything to have happened - and I got the shock of my life!

This website I’d created from a modest Dell PC had racked up more money in sales than I would ever earn from my deal the night before - I’d gained over 400 sales with virtually no effort.

And there began my love affair with internet businesses.

From this single moment in 1995, I knew the internet was my future. What an amazing, exciting, rewarding, challenging and sometimes, just plain crazy the ride would be from there on.

Some of my achievements

I’ve helped thousands of clients reap the benefits of internet marketing and passed on my knowledge to help them grow.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to:

  1. Sell my first mobile phone ‘hobby’ business to a large mobile phone provider
  2. Get lots of my own web pages (and those of my amazing clients) to the top of the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo
  3. Start reseller solutions to help other businesses provide SEO and PPC services to their clients under their own brand name. In fact, I now have hundreds of resellers ranging from large marketing companies and web design companies down to freelance marketing sales people.
  4. Build up 3 hosting companies & a large web development company
  5. Become a StomperNet member
  6. Launch a range of advertisement-based viral sites and other online businesses
  7. Connect with some of the internet's true guru's, including Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins and Perry Marshall
  8. Have made a lot of money online and loved helping others achieve the very same
  9. Work with brilliant small businesses to corporate giants such as MTV's comedy central (previously Paramount Comedy), famous TV presenters and household names from the manufacturing world.

Where does our story go now?

Maybe reading this is fate. Maybe the next stage is for me to help you enjoy what the internet has blessed me with.

I specialise in "complete" online marketing, using tools such as SEO, PPC, remarketing, social signals and syndication (to name a few) to create powerful marketing machines for clients, as well as offering individual services to meet each business’ needs.

Whatever the future is, I know the internet will always evolve and be a special medium for businesses, and I love it. And now it’s time for your business to love it too.

Contact me today for a free consultation to help with your online marketing needs.

The Benefits Of Search Engine Optimisation

  1. Increase in the number of pages listed in the search engines
  2. High ranking / position of web pages
  3. Increase in quality of visitor
  4. Increase in quantity of visitors
  5. Increase in sales and/or leads