Google Shopping

Google Shopping

If you want to increase the flow of high-quality traffic to your website, Scott.Services can help. Scott will increase your conversions by targeting users who are perfectly matched to your products and continuously optimizing your account. For more information, watch the video or Read more.

Take Control of Your Google Shopping Campaigns

Unlike many other Google Shopping agencies, Scott will work directly with your account. This has two main advantages: firstly, you’ll pay Google directly, so you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending on your campaigns. Unfortunately, a number of agencies have been caught charging their clients far more than their ads really cost. Scott prefers to make the process as transparent as possible by working with your account and leaving you to settle your bill with Google directly. The second benefit to hiring an agency which works directly with your account is that it will be developed into a long-term asset. Over time and with good management, your account’s quality score will increase. Quality score affects how much you pay for your ads and the success of your campaigns – so it’s important that it’s a high as possible.

How to Get on Google Shopping

Setting up your first Google Shopping campaign is fairly straightforward, especially if you already have a well-managed AdWords account. However, it’s important that your setup is completed to the highest standard if you want your ads to be seen by the users who are best-matched to your products.

First, log into your AdWords account. Click on Campaigns, followed by +Campaigns, followed by Shopping. Next, give your campaign a name on the ‘Select campaign settings’ page. At this stage, you’ll provide a merchant identifier on the ‘Select account’ page. Select the country in which your products are sold. Go to ‘Shopping settings’ if you want to use ‘inventory filter’ or ‘campaign priority’ to optimize your campaign. Now, click on ‘Locations’ to choose the countries in which you want your ads to appear. Next, set your maximum CPC bid – the most you are prepared to pay. Click on ‘Budget’ to determine whether you want to use an individual budget or a budget from a shared library. Choose any advanced options for your ads, such as scheduling and delivery. When you have clicked ‘Save’ and ‘Continue’, go to the ‘Create ad groups’ page. Organize your campaign in the ‘Ad group creation’ section.

Sign Up Your Own Clients with Scott.Services’ Google Shopping Merchant Reselling Programme
Get in touch today if you’re interested in earning a significant monthly income by reselling Scott’s range of internet marketing packages, including his Google Shopping services. You’ll be provided with everything you need to start contacting potential clients, including a free website, which you can design and lay out to suit your brand. You’ll sell Scott’s services entirely under your own name and brand – and no one else’s. And you’ll be given in-depth training on the most effective way to resell Scott’s Google Shopping services, including guidance on how to maximize your income with his review pack. The price at which you resell Scott’s internet marketing packages is entirely up to you – so the earning potential really is unlimited. You can even boost your profits by signing up your own resellers, who can take on their own resellers, and so on. Get in touch for a chat about Scott’s white label reselling programme.
  • Increases the flow of high-quality traffic to your website
  • Targets users who are perfectly matched to your product
  • Raises your quality score & click-through rate
  • Honest, reasonable pricing
  • Flexible contracts with no tie-in
  • Constantly optimized to boost your profits
Considering Investing in Google Shopping Campaigns? Sign Up for a Free Review
If you want to find out more about how your business can benefit from Google Shopping, why not sign up for a Scott.Services review pack today? 100% free of charge or obligation, Scott’s review is your chance to get answers to all your questions about how a Google Shopping feed works, and his chance to get to know you and your business. At the end of your review, you’ll receive a detailed assessment of your online performance, including what’s working well and what could be done to increase your sales. Get in touch now to arrange your free review.