Example PPC Success

Example PPC results

Just a little proof this stuff works

Below you'll find a selection of screenshots and data showcasing some of the results we've achieved for our PPC (pay per click) clients. If you would like to discuss your own PPC requirements, please click on "contact me" at the top of this page and I'll be delighted to hear from you.

OK, lets start off with a little confidence building. Below you'll see we don't play around with this stuff. A typical month as shown below and we've...

Managed over £12 million in client budgets

Generated 448 million impression

27.2 million clicks

1.57 million conversions (leads and sales)

How many more conversions would you like from your website ? 

Below you can see the life time Adwords data for an account that had managed by another agency since 2012 however the client felt things weren't growing as well as they could be. Can you guess when we took over ? The green line is when we added our machine learning "algo" systems and the orange line is when they started to take action based on the data. The blue line in the graph is the click data, which went up nicely, however the red line, the conversions increased dramatically more thanks to the algo working out what combinations of keyword, bid, advert and timing yielded the best conversions and micro managed these daily. This client is in the UK legal niche, a very fierce online niche. 

Below you can see a brand new Google Adwords account and what we've achieved in just 45 days. Bearing in mind, 45 days of data isn't a lot of data at all for our systems to get their teeth into so we're still very early days with this, but out the gate, we've provided 107 conversions at an income of just over $13k at a cost of just under $3k whilst also enjoying very healthy click rates of 3% and a nice conversion rate of 2.71%. This client is selling products in the US beauty niche.

Below you can see that our algo systems also work on Google Shopping. Here, we have a ROAS (ROI) of just over 640% on the shopping network. This client is in the UK fitness niche.

Our success comes from a hybrid approach taking the best parts of human actions such as professional content writing for the adverts, experienced campaign reviews mixed with machine learning "algo" systems and automation. Below you can see an example change log, which is a mix of human and our systems making tweaks and improvements on a typical client account, We can see there's been over 2k changes in total, such as 448 advert edits, 44 big changes, 6 budget changes, 1.4k keyword changes, 275 status changes and 73 targeting changes. An army of highly trained PPC experts would be required to perform these changes after vast amounts of data crunching and the costs would make this nonviable. However using our "algo" systems and human management, we can provide cutting edge management and results at very reasonable prices. This client is in the US tourism niche. 

With Google Adwords, "quality score" is extremely important. Lets say we were both bidding for the same keyword at £1 a click, if our quality score was 10/10 and yours 2/10, we might appear a the top of the page for just £0.20 and you might be bottom of the page for £1 so increasing the quality score is a major part of our "algo" systems goal. Below you can see part of our internal systems that review and manage our clients accounts with a view to consistently improving quality score.

And below you can see some of the quality scores we've achieve on the far right column, ie 10/10 the highest you can get 🙂

Part of improving the quality score is about improving your advert metrics, i.e CTR (click through rate). One way we do this is by using our machine learning "algo" which will find, pause and alert our writers to create new adverts. Below you can see the system has found a winning and losing advert. 

What is extremely interesting about these adverts is that Google is set to "maximise conversions" however you can see the "losing" ad has received 8208 impressions and 490 clicks, where the our "winning" advert has only received 2404 impressions and 188 clicks. So Google isn't showing the advert that has the highest conversions per impression, but our system has spotted this, paused it, and instructed our writers to make another advert to try and beat the current winning advert a process we call "beat the leader". With "beat the leader" our writers are always trying to make the next advert beat the best advert so far, such as improved click rates and conversions. Our system also shows our writers all the previous adverts in the adgroup and their data, competitors adverts and what is output in Google allowing them to survey the whole landscape for new / improved ideas.

The more data our systems have, the more footprints and patterns it can find and experiment with. Below is an internal screenshot of our systems learning and making improvements with just 1 weeks worth of data.

Our machine learning "algo" systems look at every single metric within the PPC account such as "ad extensions"...

... keyword data, such as "match type" analysis...

... and search term coverage...

... and much more. If you have an existing PPC campaign and would like our free, no obligation health check report and analysis, or maybe you're thinking of starting a PPC campaign, then please feel free to get in contact. We've be delighted to hear from you and help you decide if we're the best PPC agency for your requirements 🙂

what's next ? 

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