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PPC Reselling

As a Scott.Services pay-per-click reseller, you’ll be provided with everything you need to start signing up clients. The prices at which you sell Scott’s PPC services are entirely up to you. You can sign up your own resellers, too, so the earning potential really is unlimited. For more information about Scott’s PPC reseller programme, watch the video or Read More.

When you sign up for Scott’s reseller PPC management programme, you can offer your clients a powerful split testing service to help them to find the best way to market their brand. Split testing is a powerful internet marketing tool which involves the comparison of two or more versions of a webpage to find out which one produces the most conversions. The users who click on one PPC ad are divided between the variant pages and each page is closely monitored. The results of the split resting reveal which page has produced the most conversions and which has produced the least. Your client can then decide which aspects of their webpages to enhance and which aspects to eliminate to produce the best results. Split testing is a fast and reliable way for your clients to increase their conversions. Split testing provides reliable data on what persuades people to take action, and what causes them to look elsewhere, so clients can base their marketing decisions on strong evidence – rather than speculation.
  1. Set your own prices
  2. Boost your income by signing up your own resellers
  3. All the guidance you need, all your questions answered
  4. Sign up clients fast with Scott’s free PPC health check
  5. Provide flexible packages – no tie-in contracts
  6. Sell a range of high-quality, honestly priced pay-per-click services
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