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As a Scott.Services pay-per-click reseller, you’ll be provided with everything you need to start signing up clients. The prices at which you sell Scott’s PPC services are entirely up to you. You can sign up your own resellers, too, so the earning potential really is unlimited. For more information about Scott’s PPC reseller programme, watch the video or Read more.

More Information About Scott’s Pay-Per-Click Reseller Programme

Scott is a self-confessed internet marketing addict who has been finding innovative ways of helping businesses to increase their sales since the ‘90s. He has kept a close eye on the way search engines have evolved, and has adapted his approach to stay ahead of his competitors. With the help of his powerful algo-systems, Scott has managed to keep his prices low. As a PPC reseller for Scott.Services, you’ll have peace of mind that you are providing your clients with world-class PPC packages, focused on outstanding, long-term results. When you sign up as a Scott.Services PPC reseller, you’ll be provided with a reseller review pack, into which you’ll be asked to enter a few pieces of information, including your reseller ID code. Your pack will include plenty of information on Scott’s services and the most effective ways to approach reselling them. When you take on your first client, they will pay you and you will pay Scott. It’s that simple.

Scott’s PPC services are available in any language, in any part of the world. As a PPC reseller, you can offer clients pay-per-click advertising packages for Bing as well as Google. While many businesses prefer to invest their entire PPC budget in Google AdWords, due to its size, it’s well worth explaining the benefits of Bing to your potential clients. Bing actually has a higher search volume for some niches. It’s also less competitive for many keywords, so you can achieve good results while keeping your costs low. In your white label PPC management role, you can also advise your clients to enhance their PPC advertising campaigns with other internet marketing techniques, such as Google Shopping, SEO and remarketing.

Remarketing often works particularly well with Bing and AdWords campaigns. There are many reasons why people don’t always pay for a product or service the first time they see it online. Perhaps the timing isn’t right or they don’t yet have enough confidence in the brand. Remarketing targets users who have clicked on one of your PPC ads but have not yet taken action by showing them ads to remind them of the item. These ads will appear on the websites they regularly visit, giving them all the chances they need to make a purchase. If you want to resell PPC services, it’s important to offer your potential clients a variety of packages, not only to maximize your income but also to ensure they can achieve the best possible results.

One of the key benefits to explain to potential clients when you have signed up as a pay-per-click reseller is Scott’s algo-systems, which are a powerful tool for increasing clients’ conversion rates while reducing the amount they spend on ads. Scott’s algo-systems are a highly effective way of analysing and optimizing your clients’ AdWords accounts. They have been developed over a number of years to continuously test campaigns’ keywords and ad combinations, identifying patterns and making regular adjustments to boost profit. Scott’s systems also enable you to offer potential clients an extremely cost-effective and efficient service. The power of the algo-systems is equivalent to several PPC professionals working full-time. The value for money that clients get with Scott.Services is unbeatable, especially compared to most of his competitors. The majority of algorithm providers charge around £1,000 to £2,000 per month, with an additional 10 to 20 per cent of ad expenditure, and that’s before you add the price of PPC account management. Scott’s pricing is honest and simple. There’s no need to tie your clients into contracts. The quality of the service they receive is enough to persuade the vast majority to stay.

Unlike many other white label PPC management professionals, Scott will work directly through your clients’ AdWords accounts, which has a number of benefits. Unfortunately, agencies which cut corners and use dishonest pricing to boost their own profits are not uncommon. Agencies have been caught charging their clients far more for their ads than they really cost. They might, for example, send their client a bill for £10,000 when their AdWords ads totalled £5,000, and pocket the difference. Scott works directly with clients’ accounts, and never charges above the odds. This makes the process much more transparent. Clients settle their bills with Google directly, so they can keep a track of exactly how much they are spending, and how their money is being used. There’s another important advantage of working directly with clients’ accounts which you can explain to your potential customers: Their AdWords account will be developed into a valuable, long-term asset. Lots of agencies insist on working through their own accounts, which makes it much harder for their clients to leave. Everyone gets a quality score when they launch their first AdWords campaign. With good management, this score increases over time, reducing the cost of ads and increasing profits. However, if a business wants to leave an agency which has only worked through its own account, they will have to start all over again with a low quality score, and invest time and resources into pushing it up again. Scott believes this practice is unfair, which is why he always works with clients’ accounts. This is a great benefit to mention to your potential clients: if and when they decide to move on, their AdWords account will be optimized to minimize costs and maximize profit.

When you sign up for Scott’s reseller PPC management programme, you can offer your clients a powerful split testing service to help them to find the best way to market their brand. Split testing is a powerful internet marketing tool which involves the comparison of two or more versions of a webpage to find out which one produces the most conversions. The users who click on one PPC ad are divided between the variant pages and each page is closely monitored. The results of the split resting reveal which page has produced the most conversions and which has produced the least. Your client can then decide which aspects of their webpages to enhance and which aspects to eliminate to produce the best results. Split testing is a fast and reliable way for your clients to increase their conversions. Split testing provides reliable data on what persuades people to take action, and what causes them to look elsewhere, so clients can base their marketing decisions on strong evidence – rather than speculation.
  • Set your own prices
  • Boost your income by signing up your own resellers
  • All the guidance you need, all your questions answered
  • Sign up clients fast with Scott’s free PPC health check
  • Provide flexible packages – no tie-in contracts
  • Sell a range of high-quality, honestly priced pay-per-click services