PPC Reporting

PPC Reporting

Scott provides PPC reports which are accurate, up to the minute and easy to understand. PPC reporting is important for monitoring and improving your campaigns, which is why Scott makes sure all his clients receive exactly the amount and type of data they will find most useful. For more information about Scott’s pay-per-click reporting service, watch the video or Read more.

AdWords Reporting to Improve Your PPC Campaigns

If you’re looking for an AdWords reporting service which will help you to improve your PPC campaigns, you’re in the right place. Scott has helped hundreds of small and large businesses to spend less on their pay-per-click ads, while increasing their conversion rates and profits. Scott provides a comprehensive range of PPC services, all of which are geared towards brilliant long-term results. Scott has been finding innovative ways of helping businesses to grow online since the ‘90s. His fast and reliable pay-per-click advertising packages are available for Bing and Google, in any country and any language. Scott provides the following PPC services to help businesses to get more out of their PPC accounts:

  • Keyword research
  • Analysis of key competitors
  • Long-term strategy-planning
  • Optimal account set-up & structure
  • Continuous bid-price monitoring & optimisation
  • A/B split-testing
  • Overall monitoring, including bids, click-through rates, quality score, conversion rates, triggered keywords and more

Scott takes a holistic approach to PPC advertising, combining various techniques and strategies, including PPC reporting, remarketing and split testing to get the best possible results for his clients. Scott encourages his clients to consider investing a percentage of their PPC budget in Bing. While many companies dismiss Bing and put all of their resources into AdWords, Bing actually has a higher search volume for some niches. It’s also far less competitive for many keywords, so you can achieve good results at a low cost.

Scott’s range of PPC services include:

Split Testing

Split testing is a powerful tool for increasing conversions. PPC advertising is a great way to increase the flow of traffic to your website, but all the traffic in the world won’t help your business unless a decent percentage of your visitors become customers. This is particularly important with pay-per-click, because you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. Split testing involves redirecting the people who click on one ad to two or more variant webpages. If you have four webpages you want to test, for example, you might send 25% of your traffic to each page. The performance of each page will be closely monitored, and the results will reveal which page produced the most conversions and which produced the least. Split testing is a highly effective way of finding the best way to market your products of services. It allows you to base your marketing decisions on clear evidence, rather than speculation. Scott has developed a powerful approach to split testing which will help you to increase your conversions among the users who click on your ads, so you can reduce the amount you spend on PPC advertising while increasing your sales.


Remarketing can help you to increase your sales by targeting people who have clicked on one of your ads but have not yet made a purchase. There are all kinds of reasons why people don’t always become customers the first time they click on your ad to view your product or service. Perhaps the timing wasn’t quite right, or they didn’t have enough confidence in your brand. Remarketing ‘saves the sale’ among people who have shown an interest in your business by clicking on your ad, but haven’t yet taken action. Scott will target this group with ads to remind them of your product, and these ads will appear on websites that they regularly visit, greatly increasing the chances that they will become customers. Scott’s remarketing service enhances the power of a range of other internet marketing strategies, including PPC reporting, Google Shopping and AdWords management.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping allows you to target users who are specifically searching for your product, in your location. When Google Shopping campaigns are well managed and optimized, they can achieve a remarkably high conversion rate. Scott will help you to reduce the amount you spend on your Google Shopping ads, while rapidly improving your sales. With a combination of detailed keyword research, analysis of your top competitors, strategy-planning and continuous optimization, Scott will help you to take your Google Shopping campaigns to the next level.

Google Shopping operates from a feed which is put into the Google Merchant Centre and is linked to your Google AdWords account. Scott is an expert at boosting his clients’ quality score by improving the overall performance of their Google Shopping accounts. Quality score is important, because it affects how many people see and click on your ads, and how much you spend on your campaigns.  Google scans through all the Shopping ads for an item every time someone searches for it, and chooses a number of ads to appear in the top positons of its search results. The shopping portal itself receives a large amount of constant web traffic, so Google Shopping is a highly effective tool for increasing the flow of high-quality web traffic to your site.

Scott provides a range of other internet marketing services, which can be combined with PPC reporting to boost your online performance, including global SEO, local SEO, social signals, Google penalty repair, online reputation management, brand management and competitor piggyback strategy.

More About Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Pay-per-click is a form of online advertising where advertisers pay a fee every time someone clicks on their ad. Search engine PPC, such as Bing and Google AdWords, involves bidding for positions on the search engines’ results pages. When an advertiser bids for a certain keyword, their aim is for their ad to appear as close to the top of the results as possible, where it is most likely to be seen, and clicked on. Every time a user clicks on an advertiser’s AdWords ad, for example, they pay Google. Pay-per-click advertising can be a powerful and cost-effective form of internet marketing, driving a steady stream of sales to a business’s website which far outweighs the amount they spend on their campaigns. However, PPC campaigns are only effective when they are well managed, including continuous monitoring and optimisation. Detailed keyword research to find the search terms which will get the best results is also essential.
Scott.Services’ PPC Reporting White Label Reselling Programme
Scott’s resellers generate significant monthly incomes by providing their clients with PPC reporting and other internet marketing services. Get in touch today if you’re interested in reselling Scott’s PPC reporting services. You’ll be provided with all the guidance you need to start signing up clients. Scott will work closely with you to bring you up to speed on his PPC packages and the most effective ways to resell them, including his free PPC health check. When you explain the benefits of Scott’s services, such as the remarkable power and cost-effectiveness of his algo-systems, you’ll be amazed by how quickly you can develop your own successful reselling business. The price at which you sell Scott’s services is entirely up to you. What’s more, you can boost your earning by signing up your own resellers, who can sign up their own resellers.
  • Provides clear, accurate data to improve your PPC campaigns
  • Compares specific periods to monitor your ads’ performance
  • High-quality PPC reporting for Google AdWords & Bing
  • All reports tailored to your brand
  • Automated systems produce precise & cost-effective reports
  • Reasonably priced with no tie-in contracts
Take Advantage of Scott’s Free Review Pack
If you want to find out more about Scott’s internet marketing services, why not sign up for a free review pack? You’ll receive valuable data on your current online performance – all 100% free of charge or obligation. Your free review is a great chance to ask Scott any questions, and his opportunity to get to know you and your business. If you already have an AdWords or Bing pay-per-click account, Scott will provide you with a free PPC health check, including a straightforward assessment of what’s working well in your campaigns and what could be done to reduce the amount you spend on your ads and increase your conversion rate. Get in touch today for more information.