Split Testing

Split Testing

PPC advertising is a great way to increase the flow of traffic to your website, but turning visitors into customers can be a challenge. Split testing is a powerful tool for discovering the most effective way to convert your leads into sales. By directing users from one PPC ad to various webpages, you can make an evidence-based decision on which one produces the best results. For more information on Scott’s website split testing, watch the video or Read more.

More About Scott’s Approach to Split AB Testing & PPC Advertising

With more than 20 years’ experience, Scott is an expert at helping businesses to increase their conversions with split testing and pay-per-click advertising. If you want to get more sales from your PPC campaigns, you’re in the right place. Scott has assisted companies of all sizes to optimise their accounts and boost their conversions. He will fine-tune your campaigns, reducing the money and resources you spend on PPC, developing your account into a valuable asset and increasing the number of visitors to your site who turn into customers. Scott has created a state-of-the-art algo-system which will review your keyword bids and generate in-depth data on how they are performing. Scott will then carefully refine your bids to maximize your profits.

Scott’s high-quality, affordable PPC services include: detailed keyword research to identify the search terms which will get the best results for your brand; meticulous analysis of your competitors, geared towards helping you to achieve the top results page positions; long-term strategy planning to drive a steady flow of leads to your website; optimized account set-up and structure, turning your account into an asset for years to come; constant monitoring and optimisation of your bid-prices to keep your profits high and expenses low; powerful split testing to rapidly boost your conversion rates; and thorough overall monitoring, including triggered keywords, quality score, conversion rates bids, click-through rates and more.

Scott.Services’ AB Split Testing White Label Reselling Programme

Get in touch with Scott today if you’re interested in reselling his split testing service and a range of other high-quality, affordable internet marketing services. When you sign up to Scott.Services’ reselling programme, you’ll be given everything you need to start taking on clients and generating a significant monthly income. You’ll be given a free website, your own branding an in-depth guidance on Scott’s packages and the best way to sell them. With the help of Scott’s free review pack, you’ll soon be signing up your own clients. What’s more, you can boost your earnings by signing up your own resellers, who can sign up their own resellers, too. And the price at which you sell Scott’s split testing services is entirely up to you. The earning potential really is unlimited. For more information on white label reselling, get in touch for a chat.

Fast & Affordable AB Split Testing for Your Brand
If you’re looking for website split testing which consistently produces outstanding results, Scott.Services can help. Scott’s cutting-edge algo-systems will maximize your conversions – not just for a few days but for years to come. Scott’s approach to split testing and PPC advertising is honest and transparent. While other PPC agencies insist on using their own accounts for all your PPC and split testing campaigns, Scott is happy to work with yours. By using your account, you’ll know exactly what you are spending and the whole process will be completely transparent. In recent years, an increasing number of internet marketing agencies have been caught charging their clients above the odds and pocketing the difference. For example, you might be charged £10,000 when in reality, your Google bill was only £5,000 and the agency which was supposed to be working for you has pocketed the difference.
When you work with Scott.Services, you will pay Google directly. You’ll be in a much better position to keep track of exactly how much your spending – and where your money is going. There’s another major advantage to working with a split testing agency which doesn’t insist on using its own account: Scott will develop your account into a valuable asset by boosting your quality score, which is crucial when it comes to the success of your pay-per-click campaigns. One of the consequences of agencies using their own accounts for their clients’ campaigns is that it makes it tricky to move on if they want to use a different agency or take control of their campaigns. You are given a quality score when you first set up your PPC account, which gradually grows, providing your campaigns are well managed. So, if you hire an agency which works through your account, your quality score will increase, and if you decide to move on, you’ll have an account with a good score. But it’s harder to leave if you work with an agency which only uses their own account. You’ll have to start all over again with a lower quality score – and spend considerable time and resources pushing it back up again.
Scott encourages his clients to consider dividing their PPC budget between Google and Bing. Many advertisers put all their resources into Google, based on its size and popularity. But Bing has a higher search volume for some niches, not to mention that it’s far less competitive and far cheaper.
  • Increases your conversion rate
  • Helps you to fine-tune your webpages
  • Enables you to make evidence-based decisions on how to maximize sales
  • Provides detailed, up-to-the-minute data on your sales
  • Honest, transparent service
  • Boosts your long-term quality score
Considering Investing in Split Testing? Sign Up for Your Free Review Pack Today
If you want to learn more about what split testing can achieve for your business, sign up for Scott’s 100% free review pack. You’ll receive a detailed assessment on your online performance, including valuable information on how your profits could be increased. Your review is a great chance to ask Scott any questions you have about split testing, and his opportunity to see what he can do for your business. If you decide not to work with Scott when your review is complete, that’s fine. There’s no obligation to sign up for any of his services. Get in touch today to arrange your free review pack.