Example SEO Success

Example SEO results

Just a little proof this stuff works

Below you'll find a selection of client accounts showing their current ranks. The column after the keyword, with the little Google icon, that's their position in Google, e.g. 3 = position 3 on page 1, 13 = position 3 on page 2, as there's 10 SEO listings per page. Also check out the final column "Comp" which is the competition column, i.e. how many other web pages we had to beat to put the client at this position (if you see e.g. 2.02m that means 2 million pages were beaten - can you spot the one where our client is top of page 1, position 1 for a 2.67 BILLION keyword? ) and can you also spot the youtube icons, where also ranked youtube videos top as well ? (just a heads up, youtube doesnt show competitor data so you'll see N/A for youtube videos). Finally, can you spot the Danish flag where we put a Danish business to of google ? 

what's next ? 

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