Google Knows What Works, Give It What It Wants.

  •   29th April 2020
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IMPORTANT: Little know but very powerful tip below Google pretty much knows virtually everything about websites these days. Not only does most of the worlds internet traffic start at Google, but with most sites using Google Analytics / Google Console / Google Tag Manager and even Google fonts – these sites themselves tell Google everything that’s going on. Then add…
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10 Onpage SEO Tips For Maximum Success

  •   11th February 2020
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It’s critical to get your onpage factors correct if you want to get your keyword ranked on page one of Google. “Onpage” factors ensure that Google a) knows the page is about the keyword and b) trust the content is of use to the user. I know making a new page, or editing an existing one with all the below…
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The Importance of “User Intention”

  •   11th November 2019
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Both SEO and PPC are built on the foundation of keywords, or keyphrases, i.e. what the user types into Google. There are multiple metrics that can be gained on a keyword such as average monthly searches, a rough idea of bid cost in PPC, and how easy or difficult a page 1 result is for SEO. However, the most important…
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