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Have you been searching for affordable PPC management that helps your target audience find your business? By using a PPC agency like, you’ll have a range of options to tailor your PPC package to your business needs.

Scott offers expert PPC consultant services, including extensive keyword data research, competitor analysis and AB split tests, increasing both the volume and quality of traffic coming to your site. This means using the latest techniques to ensure you win keyword bids that put your ads at the top of search results which are relevant to your products and services. You’ll also gain insight into what turns visitors away from your landing pages and what encourages them to invest in your business.

There are no tie-in contracts, and you can stop, downgrade or upgrade services whenever you like. The best place to start is by asking Scott for a 100% free, no-obligation review of your site. This includes a snapshot of your current PPC performance and recommendations for how PPC can help you.

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Work with a PPC Consultant You Can Trust
Scott.Services is a limited, VAT-registered company with a reputation for effective and affordable PPC internet marketing. A quick online search for Scott D Smith will reveal hundreds of endorsements from satisfied customers. Scott is committed to delivering an outstanding service, without the sky-high price-tag which so many agencies charge. Having run a successful internet marketing agency since the 1990s, Scott has seen search engines develop, and has adapted his approach to PPC to create winning formulas for Google, Yahoo and Bing. Scott’s PPC services are available in any language, anywhere in the world. Unlike many PPC agencies, which outsource much of their work, Scott carries out all pay-per-click internet marketing himself, collaborating closely with each of his clients to help them to achieve their goals.
  1. Maximizes your pay-per-click profits
  2. Constantly adapts & optimises your accounts
  3. Completes detailed keyword research for your brand
  4. High-quality split-testing
  5. Boosts click-through rates and quality score
  6. Long-term PPC strategy planning
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If you’re considering investing in PPC advertising or still wondering, ‘What is PPC?’, sign up for Scott’s free review pack. You’ll receive a detailed assessment of your website’s performance, and what PPC could achieve for your business. If you already have a PPC account, Scott will provide you with an in-depth review, explaining what’s working well and what could be done to increase your profits. Get in touch today to arrange your review pack. It’s 100% free, and there’s no obligation to pay for any of Scott’s services when your review is complete.
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