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Calling  All  UK  Web  Designers

Would you like to….

  • Create an unlimited stackable monthly recurring income ?
  • Help your customers dramatically increase new business from their website ?

Whilst enjoying...

  • No capital outlay
  • Two programs: affiliate /  reseller, pick and choose per customer 
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    100% free to join
  • Working with a UK Limited company with over 20+ years experience of getting real results
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    Free unlimited training
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    Free unlimited indepth review packs
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    Happy customers enjoying page one results in Google & Bing
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    Unlimited earning potential

If you've answered yes to the above, why not join our free, no obligation affiliate and reseller program today. We help 100s of web designers all over the world to not only put their customers on page one of Google, but to also dramatically increase their own business profit from stackable, month recurring income.

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We have two services to help you achieve the above, both free of charge and you can pick and choose from either on a per customer basis.

Option #1 - Affiliate Route

Here, you refer potential customers to us and receive 20% lifetime commission every month on any service they have with us. For example, they may join on a small account, and later increase the package, add additional services and you'll receive 20% of everything they ever pay to us, for the lifetime of the account paid directly into your bank or paypal, whichever you prefer.

Option #2 - White Label Reseller Route

Here you'll enjoy a 20% discount off our packages (packages can be found here) and, we also encourage resellers to load the prices as well.

For example, the bronze SEO package is usually £250/m+vat - with the 20% discount that would be £200/m+vat, a reseller could easily charge £300-400/m for the power and results this package provides and most resellers charge this level of markup. So the smallest package provides £100-200/ per month profit for the reseller. Now imagine the potential with multiple customers, on a range of packages, all enjoying great results and paying automatically to you every month.

Both the affiliates and resellers enjoy the following benefits...

  • Free indepth SEO & PPC review pack
  • Unlimited OnPage reports
  • Free training via skype, email, phone call
  • Services work in all countries
  • Benefit from our 2000+ site testing network which ensures long term success
  • Unbranded rank performance tool
  • Unlimited earnings potential
  • Training videos
  • Safe white hat strategies
  • Your own resellers to really turbo charge your income


  • Provide a complete online marketing solution by also offering fully managed PPC services
  • 100% free to join just like the SEO reseller program
  • Cutting edge PPC strategies that get real results
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    Free unlimited training
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    Free unlimited ​PPC health checks
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    Combine with SEO for the ultimate online marketing force


  • Rescue lost business from ALL traffic to the site, e.g. direct, social, SEO, PPC, referral, etc.
  • Potentially go "back in time" up to 540 days and save business from past visitors.
  • Range of targeting strategies
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    Works with banners, videos and custom shopping adverts
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    Uses powerful algo's
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    One of the most effective conversion strategies there is

what happens after you join ?

After you join, this is what happens next. Of course, during any of these steps we'll be answering any questions you have...

  • 1
    We'll contact you asking if you'd like to start things off via email, Skype txt, skype or phone call and ask if you prefer the affiliate route, reseller route, or both
  • 2
    If going down the reseller route, we'll ask for your brand and a copy of your logo so we can set you up on the free, unlimited review pack system so you can request these any time of the day
  • 3
    We'll build a review pack for you and pretend you're a potential customer so we can go through the stages of the review pack and you can see it from the customer's point of view - we find this helps the learning curve a great deal
  • 4
    Once we've been over the review pack, we'll pretend you picked your keywords and pages and demonstrate what happens next
  • 5
    We'll go over "onpage" seo factors and provide a indepth video on our "offpage" factors, as this point you'll know more than 90%+ of online so called "SEO experts" and be in a very strong position to help businesses
  • 6
    If also looking to provide PPC we'll also go over the free health check, how PPC works, and why our methods and algo's give your customers the edge.
  • 7
    With either SEO and / or PPC, we'll also explain how remarketing works as we firmly believe every site should be enjoying the benefits of remarketing.
  • 8
    We'll also help with ideas, tips and any data / reports needed to help you gain your customers
  • 9
    We'll also explain how you can repeat the above with your own resellers, where they can provide SEO, PPC & remarketing services to their customers under their own brand - this is where your monthly recurring income can stack up a lot faster
  • 10
    And lastly, never ending help and support - we're always here to help with anything we can, even if they're technically not online marketing based, examples of how we commonly help our resellers in other areas (for free) include: hosting issues, domain issues, security, client management, setting up Google analytics / console, etc.


We're not some big faceless company; we're a family owned and run UK company, headed by Scott Smith who's been making profit from online marketing since the 1990s. Here's what a few folks say about Scott, and you can check this out yourself on his LinkedIn profile

Join today for free

Complete the 30 second form below and we'll get back to you ASAP with what we need to set up your free account, how to get training, how to get free unlimited review packs and answer all your questions.

Just a little proof this stuff works

Below you'll find a selection of client accounts showing their current ranks. The column after the keyword, with the little Google icon, that's their position in Google, e.g. 3 = position 3 on page 1, 13 = position 3 on page 2, as there's 10 SEO listings per page. Also check out the final column "Comp" which is the competition column, i.e. how many other web pages we had to beat to put the client at this position (if you see e.g. 2.02m that means 2 million pages were beaten - can you spot the one where our client is top of page 1, position 1 for a 2.67 BILLION keyword? ) and can you also spot the youtube icons, where also ranked youtube videos top as well ? (just a heads up, youtube doesnt show competitor data so you'll see N/A for youtube videos). Finally, can you spot the Danish flag where we put a Danish business to of google ? 

what's next ? 

There's no obligation to ever use our services and joining is completely free. So, unless you're already offering SEO / PPC with outstanding results at a very cost effective cost, why not join today to see what we can grow your business and help your customers.

Join today for free

Complete the 30 second form below and we'll get back to you ASAP with what we need to set up your free account, how to get training, how to get free unlimited review packs and answer all your questions.