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Hi Terry 🙂

If you’d like to go through some of the learning curve I have with laetrile / amygdalin / b17 (different names for the same thing) I would watch these videos below in order, I’d also check out the comments on the videos. Then to be balanced on this, if you take any of those 3 names and google them with “death rates” after them for example, there’s no reported deaths from eating these things. The normal people posting about this online and the videos have nothing to gain from this, the medical profession could loose a lot of money though if these things help a little. All my own research has been very balanced and by nature I’m very sceptical of “natural cures” but to me, worst case would be you’ve eating some good fats and protein from the seeds, best case they help.

There’s two dosage approaches which are…

a) 1 seed for every 10 pounds of body weight


b) max of 30 seeds per day

… they also say its best to have them spread over the day and you have to chew them like crazy to really break them up (Sarah and I take them daily and she likes the taste, I think they’re nasty so I use a coffee grinder to really break them apart, but chewing them loads is what most people do).

I obviously cant say 100% these with help, but with the worst case being its a little good fat and protein it maybe worth a try for a bit, Sarah and I take 7 every day as a kind of insurance thing.

I’ve watch the videos below in order, top one first as I’ve tried to put them in the best order, but if you youtube / google it there’s loads online about this.

If you decide to buy more, they need to be the bitter ones (they do sweet ones that taste really nice but there’s not much of the chemicals that they say helps in those), these are the ones we use below, if you click on it, it will open up amazon and I’d combine this with the CBD oil..


Any questions on it please shout, cheers Terry 🙂