SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

Scott offers a range of SEO services, including local and global SEO, remarketing, reputation and brand management, keyword research and negative SEO protection. Scott is an innovative SEO consultant with the expertise to boost your ranking for the keywords which will get the best results for your business. Scott has developed a highly effective approach to SEO, combining a variety of powerful automated systems and manual techniques to increase the flow of leads to his clients’ websites. For more information, watch the video or Read more.

Work with a Google SEO Consultant to Boost Your Sales with ‘Competitor Piggyback’

Scott has developed an innovative and highly effective strategy for using the success of his clients’ competitors to their advantage. Competitor piggyback is a pioneering internet marketing practice which involves the creation of webpages which rank well for one of your competitors. People who search for your competitor find links to these webpages in their search results, and click on them. But instead of landing on the website of your competitor, users end up on your website. So, competitor piggyback is a clever way of getting people who have searched for your competitor to have a look at your service or product.

Few SEO consultants consider using their clients’ competitors’ success to their advantage – but Scott has developed competitor piggyback into a powerful SEO tool. He will drive more high-quality leads to your site by focusing on multiple keywords – boosting your ranking for the brand name of your top competitors. The key is to occupy one of the top positions on search engines’ results pages. This will often be just below your competitor’s website, although it’s sometimes possible to take the top spot, above your competitor – for their own brand. By doing this, you’ll be attracting considerable numbers of potential customers who might otherwise have missed you online. One of the advantages to competitor piggyback is that keywords for specific brands often have a fairly low volume of searches, but the traffic they generate is high-quality. The lack of competition for brand names often means that your webpages can quickly be pushed to the top of the search engines’ results pages. And you can divide your SEO power between several keywords, by focusing on the brands of a number of competitors. This is a smart move. Rather than investing in one keyword, the power of which could diminish at any time, you’ll be creating a solid, long-term ranking, which will drive considerable leads and sales to your website.

Remarketing: A Powerful Internet Marketing Tool

Scott.Services provide a comprehensive range of remarketing packages to increase your online sales. Remarketing boosts the flow of potential customers to your website by carefully targeting users who have expressed an interest in your product or service but have not yet taken action. There are various reasons why online shoppers don’t always make a purchase the first time they find you online; perhaps the timing isn’t right, or their confidence in your brand isn’t strong enough. Remarketing ‘saves the sale’ for these users by reminding them of your brand with ads for the items they have already viewed. Remarketing is a high-conversion internet marketing strategy. The users you target are more likely to take action, because they have already expressed a strong interest in your company. Scott has developed a fast and reliable approach to remarketing, geared towards boosting his clients’ sales by giving users all the chances they need to take action.

Scott’s Google Penalty Repair

Google penalties can seriously harm your business, causing your SEO ranking to plummet and losing you a considerable number of sales. Google issues penalties to websites for all kinds of reasons, including bad links, poor-quality content and negative SEO attacks. Sometimes penalties are deserved and sometimes they are the result of an honest mistake. Regardless of why you have been penalised, it’s a problem that you’ll want to resolve as quickly as possible. Scott is highly experienced when it comes to quickly reversing the negative impact of a Google penalty. He will complete a thorough assessment of the damage to your site before working closely with you to repair any harm to your brand.

Scott.Services Search Engine Consultant Reseller Programme
Scott offers a lucrative white label reseller programme for all his SEO services. Get in touch today if you’re interested in generating a considerable monthly income by reselling a range of high-quality internet marketing packages. You will be provided with everything you need to start taking on clients, including a free website, branding and detailed guidance on Scott’s search engine consultancy. Whether you’re selling local SEO, remarketing or negative SEO protection, Scott’s reselling programme is carefully designed to make the process as simple as possible. As soon as you have signed up, you will have unlimited access to Scott’s free review packs, which have been proven to be one of the most powerful tools for selling his services. All packages will be entirely under your name – with your branding and no one else’s. You’ll provide your clients with fully branded reports and detailed online ranking reports. When you resell with Scott.Services, you provide fair, flexible internet marketing packages with no tie-in; they can be upgraded, downgraded, stopped or started at any time. The majority of Scott’s resellers earn a minimum of £100 per month, per client. Pricing is entirely up to you, so the earning potential is unlimited. What’s more, you can sign up your own resellers to boost your monthly income.
  • Comprehensive range of SEO services
  • Focused on brilliant, long-term results for your brand
  • Carefully tailored to your needs
  • No tie-in contracts, outsourced work or black hat techniques
  • Quickly boosts your ranking & sales
  • Detailed SEO review – 100% free of charge or obligation
Free Review Pack for Search Engine Optimisation Consultant
If you’re considering working with a search engine optimization consultant, sign up for a free review pack with Scott.Services. You’ll receive a detailed review of your website, including valuable data on where your SEO ranking stands right now – which will be extremely useful, regardless of the SEO strategy you choose. Scott’s review is 100% free of charge or obligation. It’s a great opportunity to find out more about what you can achieve by working with an SEO consultant, and Scott’s chance to get to know you and your business. Get in touch today to arrange your free review pack.