Please start “folding” to help the Coronavirus crisis.

Please start "folding" to help the Coronavirus crisis.

Its' free and simple and could make a difference.


Folding at home is a project by Stanford University that uses our computing power to help study the process of protein folding so as to aid research on various diseases. Right now they are focusing on Covid-19 / Coronavirus.

You simply install a free bit of software that can run in the background that will pool with other peoples computers to basically create a "super computer". This will provide Stanford University with more computing power to speed up their research that could benefit us all.

I have put this on a bank of VPS servers I use to process research for new clients as I'm unlikely to have many, if any, new clients during this time. But even if you simply run it on your office / home PC's, the more that do this the faster their research can go.

PC Master Race has a great article about it here.

Joining is easy and takes 3 minutes...

Visit this link and click on the "fah-installer" link

Install the software, and everything is very self-explanatory.

If you don't want to, you don't even need to choose usernames, verify e-mails or anything of the sort! It's that easy!

You can, if you want, choose a username (which doesn't need to be unique and that you can change at any time!), select to be part of a team (we have a PCMR team. To join just input 225605 at the initial screen or later on in the software settings)

In the initial config screen, you can also have a passkey e-mailed to you by Stanford University. This is a string that you can add here and that will give you extra folding points if you finish your work units before scheduled (which is quite common on higher-end hardware)!

NOTICE: If this makes your PC run "hot" the bottom of this page shows how to stop this


Above all, stay safe and let's look out for each other.




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