What Does A Freelance SEO Consultant Do

If you are just starting out with a new website you are probably aware of the term SEO. What you may not know is what SEO is or why you need it. Luckily a freelance SEO consultant can help you out with that.

But, what exactly does an SEO consultant do? Well, they have a few jobs to handle when it comes to optimising your site. It's their job to look at your site's SEO and tell you how you can improve it.

There are three levels of SEO that they will inspect on your site and determine what you need to do to make your site rank higher in search engines. Let's take a look at what those levels are and what a consultant will do for you.

Technical SEO

In simple terms, search engines like Google send out bots to read and re-read your websites. They check all of the pages on your site, called crawling, and index those pages. But, not every page on your site is crawlable. Sometimes this is on purpose but a lot of the time it's not something you actually want. If they can't crawl your site then they can't index it.

So, a freelance SEO consultant will check your websites and optimise them so that as many of your pages can be indexed as possible. A consultant will use different programs and websites to see how well your website performs from a technical aspect. Then the will fix websites so as many of them are crawlable and can be indexed.

On-Site SEO

On-site SEO is the type most people are familiar with even if they weren't aware that's what it's called. On-site SEO is the optimisation of the content on your site as well as the HTML. For instance, when you pick a compelling headline for an article, that's part of on-site SEO.

A consultant will look through all of the content and HTML on your site to make sure that it is optimised for search engines. They will do things like making sure there are proper tags on your pages, that you have keywords associated with your pictures, that you have long-tail keywords for article headings, and more.

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO refers to links on other sites that redirect people back to your website. It's an afterthought for a lot of people, but it plays a very important role in SEO.

A freelance SEO expert will let you know how you can get more external links to direct other users to your site. Having links in things like guest posts, forums, and comments sections.

Why You Need A Freelance SEO consultant

Does all of this sound confusing? I bet it does, it's a lot to take it. And, unless you would like to learn it all yourself, optimise your site, stay on top of the regular changes search engines make to their algorithms, and run your business at the same time you're better off hiring a freelance SEO consultant.