Successful Small Business SEO Tips

No matter the size of the company, search engine optimisation is important. It is a great marketing strategy these days to use, and if done correctly, it can place a business in the right area of search engine results. Doing SEO for a small business can be different in some ways, so here is a look a few of the best tips to handle that, explains SEO consultant Scott.

Optimise The Website First

Before working on search engine optimisation, it makes things a lot easier to set up the website properly, This means everything from having a domain name that explains exactly what the business does to adding keywords and page titles. If you are trying to rank for a certain keyword, it is going to be next to impossible if that keyword is nowhere to be found on the website.

Update All Free Business Listings

A simple search for a business online can yield a few results already out there. Instead of overlooking these listings, it is important to use them as much as possible. Listings on Facebook, Google and Yelp are just a few that need to have as much information listed as possible. These are free ways to help with SEO organically, such as hiring a SEO expert. They are usually editable, so there is no concern as far as that goes.

Don't Ignore User Reviews

A small business owner might look at a negative online reviews as something that can be a killer, but good or bad, reviews can be a positive. For starters, a good review can really help out. If your business receives a great review, take the time to respond to them. It not only shows that you care, but it might inspire others to leave positive reviews.

If it is a negative review, respond and offer to provide some level of assistance. It can go a long ways towards showing that you will not tolerate providing just a sub par or poor experience.

All of this interaction, good and bad, can in a way help with SEO. It gets the name out there, and people are going to find these user reviews. It is up to the business owner to try to control the narrative as much as possible.

Utilise Social Media

SEO is driven by social media quite a bit these days. Simply put, if a business is not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, they are not putting forth a full effort. Don't only sign up, but engage with the audience to help with small business SEO overall.