Services Offered By Technical SEO Consultants

A technical SEO consultant is a professional with vast knowledge in website development and the functioning of search engine optimisation to ensure online visibility of a site. As a consultant, one is not only tasked with ensuring a site is functioning optimally but also resolving technical glitches of the SEO within the shortest time possible. Such swift corrective measures guarantee that the integrity of the SEO is not compromised.

Services one enjoys from hiring a technical SEO ‚Äčexpert

Technical SEO Audits

The consultants rely on digital tools and their technical mastery of SEO to dig deep and asses the various components of a company's search engine. The comprehensive system audits normally range from one-off, comprehensive site assessment and even page specific audits of the various components. During this audit's clients are notified of the status of their SEO and what can be done to improve on the SEO performance.

Site crawls

SEO is normally faced with a number of challenges such as site crawls which normally results in site errors. When such errors occur, they normally interfere with the effectiveness of SEO on a site. Consultants normally address this issue using special software's to ensure that the SEO is functioning optimally. The software also evaluates other possible errors that may occur making it easy for the consultant to implement corrective measures on time.

Consultants will normally analyse other aspects of your SEO such as:

User experience

The technical consultants will use various techniques such as split testing, and heatmapping to gauge of how appealing the website is to clients. The SEO will, therefore, be fine-tuned to be in sync with what appeals to clients.

Indexability and XML sitemaps

Indexability is an analysis of the nature of your SEO in terms of content and how best it can be fine-tuned to get a higher google ranking. XML sitemaps provide a blueprint of how your site is organised and the structuring of the pages. With such details, the consultant is able to properly categorise the google search console for better SEO.


Hiring technical SEO consultants can be very beneficial to a firm when it comes to website management. Before hiring any consultant, always ensure they satisfy all the relevant professional requirements and have a verified practising certificate. Do not wait until you face major challenges on your SEO to hire a consultant. Make the wise decision of hiring a technical SEO consultant today for proper SEO of your site.