Reasons To Hire A Freelance SEO Expert

When it comes to competing in the digital marketplace, implementing an effective digital marketing strategy is key. Not only does digital marketing involve creating a user-friendly website, but also utilising search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques. While Google has an analytics tool available for most anyone to use, the world of search engine optimisation is a complex maze better left to the professionals, and that is why hiring a freelance SEO expert can be so helpful.

What is SEO?

'SEO' is most certainly one of the main modern buzz words in the internet world. Search engine optimisation involves the use of tools and techniques to make the search engines work for you and rate your page higher than others. It also refers to analysing content posts and noting what is most popular, how people are searching for your service, and how to best reach your target audience.

Search Engine Results Pages

Search engine results pages (SERPs) refer to where your page ranks when someone has searched for you or what you are offering. How you place amongst your competition will be evident by how close to the top of the page rankings you are. The pages that appear first are the ones with the highest click rates as they enjoy the most visibility. One of the aims of SEO is to obtain better page rankings.


SEO also involves some keywords analytics. What that means is how people search for a particular term, product, or service. If the majority of people are searching for a service you offer with a particular combination of words, molding the content on your page to contain that particular combination of words increases the likelihood that their search will lead them to you and your page.

Target Audience

A freelance SEO consultant will be more than familiar with all the analytics tools at their disposal. They will know how to use the tools to gauge who is interacting the most with your posts, when they are the most active, and when you are most likely to engage with them by timing your posts accordingly. This strategy helps locate and build your target audience. By tailoring your posts and content to satisfy the audience that is most likely to use your product/service, you are finding your niche, and from there, building your brand is the next step.

Hiring a freelance SEO expert is the way to go when it comes to creating an effective digital marketing strategy. With your freelancer doing what they know, it frees you up to put your time into the aspects of your business that you know.