The Professional PPC Agency London Businesses Use

If you've already hired a PPC agency but you want to know whether you made that the right decision, there are a few things you should look out for to ensure that your agency is doing the job that they were hired for.

If top PPC agencies fail to report changes or campaign optimisations, then this should be a red flag. So if your account is spending money but the last time there were changes was a few months ago, it's not being managed to its full potential. Pay per click advertising is not a set it and forget it service. It is something that needs to be consistently monitored and worked on. Considering the number of changes that occur with Google's platform. Your PPC agency should be making approximately hundreds of monthly changes to optimise your account.

If your PPC agency uses failed approaches repeatedly, then this is also another red flag. If they use product names as keywords or genetic keywords continuously but fail to get the results, then it means that they are not very good at what they do. Another way to know whether you made a good decision is that your agency should never make you feel underserved or less of a client than other clients simply because your account is smaller.

If a PPC agency does not understand your business or make any effort to understand it, then you shouldn't be dealing with them in the first place. Because they will not be able to react to competitive changes neither will they be able to deal with new business initiatives.

Your PPC agency should also be able to explain performance. It's important to know when performance spikes and it's crucially important to know when it drops. If you have to continue to chase after the agency for answers, then you might as well deal with someone else. They should be proactive and come at you with fresh ideas continuously.

The PPC agency London business owners use are excellent at communication. There should be full transparency in order to maintain a successful relationship. If you don't hear from them often it means that they are either hiding something from you or they basically just don't know what they are doing.

Another major red flag is that you don't have access to your account. As a client, you should have administrative access to your account. So having administrative access to your account to view data, changes and the history of your account is actually crucial so that you can verify strategies and actions and ultimately have a say in the final decisions.