Marketing With The Google Search Engine

There is a fantastic amount of information on the Web and it keeps growing bigger. It is easy to get lost in the chaos whether you are an individual looking for specific details or a business trying to reach your target audience. Since it's virtually impossible to create an exhaustive directory, engineers developed a clever solution: search engines. Type anything and you will find what you're looking for -- a product review, a business address, and so on. Companies can take advantage of this technology for their own marketing campaigns.

Google's Domination

There are numerous search engines but only a few of them enjoy widespread use, according to SEO expert Scott D Smith. The major players include Google, Bing, Baidu, and Yahoo! Of these four, Google is the runaway leader with more than 90% share of the market on a global level. There are a few countries where local engines are preferred due to language, culture, and political factors. In the US and Europe, Google remains king. Its dominance makes it an essential subject of study for Internet marketers.

Search Engine Marketing

Google search engine consultants are often hired for their insight when it comes to search engine marketing. In this type of campaign, the objective is to get to the top of the results page. There are two ways to do this. The first is by paying for the spot through pay per click or PPC ads. This is a sure way to get noticed immediately and is a good for short-term strategy. The second is by optimising a website with SEO techniques and gaining traction through organic search. Results can take longer but the effects also last.

Customised Results

One must have a good grasp of how a search engine works in order to turn it into a useful tool. The algorithms are quite complex and they keep changing as Google tries to improve the service. However, the main goals remain the same: to provide users with the most relevant results. It should be noted that the results for one person may be different from another based on activity history including previous searches and click behaviour.

Factors that Determine Ranking

The two main factors considered by Google are content relevance and page popularity. They serve results that are closely related to the keywords entered, skewed towards the sites that get a lot of hits. All else being equal, the speed of the loading time can also tip the rankings into one's favour. Localisation is another factor with Google often giving results based on the user's country, state, or city. Learn more by talking to experienced Google search engine SEO consultant.