Benefits Of Bing SEO

In many ways, Bing is quite similar to Google. Bing SEO benefits are many and diverse, and a SEO expert can really help on this. It has all the search services provided by Google like web, image, video, and map. Also, many optimisation steps carried out in Google can also fit Bing. The word Bing according to Microsoft president is a Chinese name which means very certain or to respond.

1. Traffic has a lower bounce rate

Although Bing doesn't get a lot of traffic as compared to Google. The interesting thing is that Bing doesn't get a lot of bounce rate. This is where someone clicks to your website and immediately go back to the search engine. In Bing, it is noticed that visitors can stay on your site for long.

2. Bing and Yahoo own a third of the US search market

Yahoo and Bing are generally part of the same traffic as Bing powers Yahoo. According to research, it showed that Bing searches make up a third of all the searches in the market. This shows that Bing has enough traffic per day.

3. Most of the SEO Google practices apply to Bing

There are a few guidelines you must consider, for you to rank high on Google. This applies to Bing also. There is a belief that if you rank higher on Google chances are that your webpage is also ranking high on Bing. This is because both of the search engines have the same search algorithms. This includes well-placed keywords, the SEO page to be up to date, consider the backlinks an important part of the website and the placing of big brands at the top.

4. Bing has lower competition

Trying to rank up in Google as a newbie can be a bit hard since many people have already forged their way up the ladder. The use of Bing provides you with a search engine with less competition since most people aim at optimising on Google. This means that if you focus and optimise on Bing, you are most likely to get greater and higher traffic.

5. Bing powers Yahoo and the majority of voice search

Bing powers the Yahoo search engine. This means that Bing's ranking algorithms and index back yahoo. Which means if you rank up on Bing you automatically rank up in Yahoo. Did you know that Bing is used to power the SIRI voice search? Yes, Bing is behind all your SIRI voice searches for all iPhone users.


You don't have to depend solely on Google for you to rank up and people to view your webpage, says SEO consultant Mr Smith. The use of Bing can give you higher traffic as Google can.