A Holistic SEO Approach For Internet Marketing

It is virtually impossible to create an exhaustive and well-organised directory of all websites given their numbers. Search remains the most popular way to find information on the Internet. This is true for both desktop and mobile users. If a business wants to be found by consumers, then it must optimise its sites the right way. A freelance SEO consultant should be able to provide technical assistance that can lead to high rankings for relevant keywords. If all goes well, then this should lead to a substantial increase in traffic and overall sales. Different techniques can be used to achieve this aim.

On-page Strategies

In the earliest days, the SEO expert would focus almost solely on page optimisation. It was the contents of each page that mattered, including the content and the codes. This is still true for the most part. Content is king. High quality articles will not only attract search engine crawlers; they will also keep people coming back for more. The use of the right keywords matter, as well as their density. There should be enough instances to emphasise relevance but not too much that the page becomes incomprehensible. The tags should be properly used from the titles to the pictures.

Off-page Strategies

Over dependence on keywords resulted in the proliferation of spam content with articles being stuffed with so many of them that they became hard to understand. This low quality content shot up to the top of the ranking even if they were not very useful. People were unhappy with the search engines. Google made drastic changes to reduce such aggressive SEO tactics. They began to rely more on off-page cues for relevance including loading speed, number of backlinks, and popularity. A contemporary SEO consultant must consider these when crafting a strategy for their clients. A mixture of on-page and off-page strategies will yield the best results.

Risks and Rewards

Optimisation should be comprehensive since search engine algorithms rely on a lot of factors to determine the appropriate ranking. However, it must not be so overly aggressive that it produces anomalous results. Google can detect unusual site behaviours and may penalise as they see fit. Adhering to the best practices is the safest route. It may take time but this should produce good outcomes. The increase in traffic does not happen overnight but rather in increments over a period of weeks and months. If the page has valuable content, then the reader will stay and may even come back at a later date.