What Will A PPC Agency Do

A PPC agency deals with pay per click advertisements. These are online advertisements used to drive traffic to web properties. A publisher receives a payment for every click made.

Advertisers can deal with their own PPC advertisement. Alternatively, they can outsource to agencies. An agency will deal with a number of issues including:

1. Discovery Phase

Before there is campaign setup, there will be discovery phase. This will involve a pay per click agency having lengthy discussions with a client with the goal of understanding the client's industry, competitors, and customer base.

2. Market and Keyword Research

The PPC firm will deal with market and keyword research. There is the need for competitive and profitable keywords. A keyword research tool will be used.

3. Campaign Setup and Defining Campaign Settings

Campaign settings to define include budget, ad rotation, delivery method, bid strategy, location targets, device targets, ad extensions, and network targets.

A campaign will promote a particular product, service, website, or cause. The campaign can feature on search engine pages or websites.

An ad should have a landing page. People will go to this page after clicking the advertisement. A functional and elegant landing page will come in handy.

During the setup process, it is necessary to develop ad content. This will either attract people or repel them away. A catchy and interesting ad title will make people to click the advertisement. There should also be a brief ad description. The ad will also need a picture.

With all the moving part in place, there will be the prelaunch preview to verify everything and finally the launch.

4. Constant Monitoring and Optimisation

Campaigns require constant monitoring. An agency will deal with this. Constant monitoring of analytics data and data from the account will help to optimise campaigns. Monitoring must happen on a daily basis.

Based on CPAs, an agency will pause ad groups and update bids. The agency will also review sales figures and call reports.

The firm will check search query reports to establish the keywords triggering the PPC ads. This data will help in establishing more relevant keywords and building a list of negative keywords. After ad split tests reach a significant level, the agency will start new split tests and write new ads.

The Bottom-Line

A PPC firm will offer much-needed help. Small, middle-sized, as well as big companies, need the services of this firm. The ultimate choice should be a reputable firm.