So What Is Pay Per Click All About

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is the means by which Google AdWords works for businesses. You can manage this inhouse or seek the services of pay per click ad agencies. In today's digital world, it is extremely important that businesses starting out, or those wanting to grow, have an effective digital marketing strategy in place. Digital marketing means getting your brand out there, but not just casting it out into the abyss of the internet, but actually wanting it to reach the people who will help grow your brand and ensure a good return on investment (ROI). Most people starting or running a business understand how crucial advertising is, but when it comes to the internet, that understanding has to be honed and customised to make the search pages work for you.

How Pay Per Click Works

Google AdWords and pay-per-click involves how people search for certain products and services online and how those people are directed from their search. What pay-per-click means for businesses is that they bid on certain keywords they know people use and are relevant to their web page. Businesses create ads to be displayed on Google search results pages based on how people conduct that search. People bid the maximum amount of money they will pay for people clicking on their ad, and their are different pay-pre-click amounts for different keyword-match options. The more money a business owner is willing to pay per click equates to their ad appearing higher on the search engine results pages, and that means higher visibility.

Keyword-Match Options

There are four main types of keyword-match options that businesses can select: broad match, negative match, phrase match, and exact match. In a broad match, the wides net is case as whenever a user searches with your keyword, your ad will appear. In a negative match, when a specific word or phrase is searched for, your ad is prevented from appearing. In a phrase match, your ad appears when a keyword phrase is searched. For an exact match, when an exact phrase is searched for exclusively, that is when your ad will appear.

While the internet does provide many free options for advertising such as on Facebook and other social media platforms, businesses really wanting to secure themselves in the digital marketplace often turn to Google. As the largest online advertising platform, having your ad visible on Google means getting your brand as visible as possible. Utilising Google AdWords and pay-per-click advertising involves a number of analytics, and that is why many serious business owners choose to hire a PPC consultant London.