The Purpose Of Adwords Management

For those that have a basic understanding of Google adwords, a common question is, does it actually work? The reality of the situation is that depending on how competitive the keywords you've chosen are and how relevant those keywords are when it comes to actual conversions for the business, Adwords could or may not work for your business. Although adwords are effective for different types of businesses, CTR ads need to be strong and you also need to choose appropriate keywords.

If you are interested in advertising on Google, you need to create a Google adwords account or seek the services of a AdWords agency google professional. Thereafter, you need to start bidding. The actual position of your ad will be determined by your ad rank which ultimately is made up of the maximum bid times quality score. Ultimately, the highest ad rank gets the first ad position.

Once a request is made on Google, the request is processed by the search engine and on the auction which then determines the ad positions and each advertisers CPC. As long as you are bidding on keywords that give value to the user, your Google ads will become part of an auction whenever you are bidding on keywords. However, whether or not your add quantifies to be displayed on the SERP is determined by your bids, the relevance of keywords and quality score.

The common cpc on adwords is determined by industry and keyword relevance, however, it is approximately £2.32 on the search network and £0.58 on the display network.

This is how quality score is determined. There is a metric that Google uses to determine how relevant and useful your ad is to the user. This is based primarily on your ads CTR, keyword relevance as well as the quality of your landing page. So ultimately, the higher-quality score, the better and higher-quality score keywords will ultimately save you money and get you better ad rankings.

When it comes to ad rank and quality score, the ad rank is how high in the page the ad will be displayed. On the other hand is determined by the usefulness and relevance to the searcher or user and contributes on your portion of the advertising positioning process. However, since 2013 Google quality score is relevant because the average quality score is now 5 from where it used to be a 7.

Ultimately, the purpose and point of Adwords management ultimately is to help your business rank high on Google search engines which brings in more traffic and ultimately converts most sales.