Social FAQs

Q: What is a social signal ?

This is a term using in online marketing that refers to any time a social network website, such as facebook, mentions you. There are different types of signal ranging from a link to a page, or voting or sharing links with your friends for example.

Q: Why should I get social signals to my website ?

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing take many different factors into account when deciding where a website / web page should be listed, e.g. at the top of page 1, or at the bottom of page 5 etc. Google and Bing both admit that social signals now play a part in their algorithm so high quality signals combined with other strong SEO strategies are a vital part of successful rankings.

Q: How do you generate these social signals ?

First we create the accounts, using dedicated IP addresses for each account. Then, for at least 6 months we “age” the accounts, where we will change the default profile and start to connect with real humans, make friends, post about topics in the news, tv, politics, etc. This is to ensure the accounts are seen as real to a) give you the most power and b) protect you and the account from ever being suspended. Unlike bulk automated services, we hand make all our accounts and have each one act 100% like a real user. Only once they are aged will any account link out to a website to give that site more “power” with the search engines. We also limit the number of links to commercial sites per account, again to ensure it looks very natural.

Q: Are the users real or fake ?

This depends on how you define real / fake. Technically, they are fake as the humans making the accounts and managing them, are not doing this for “fun” as normal users are, but to build up trust and power on this accounts to then point a small number of links to our customers to help improve their websites power, however because of the lengths we go to to search engine and any human onlooker, they would appear to be 100% real, for example: they will have a profile picture, a full bio, have real friends they communicate with, they have individual hobbies and their “none commercial” links / likes etc reflect this, they post about news, the weather, fun topics, etc, just like a real user would and it’s all done by hand, no automation or “bots” that leave footprints.

Q: Can’t I do this myself ?

Yes you can, however the time and cost required to do extremely high quality signals would be far greater than our costs. For example, first, each account will need it’s own dedicated ip address, so if you had 5 months on our bronze package, that would mean you need to rent 500 ip addresses, and if you “age” them for 6 months before you use them, that’s another 6 months on top of the 5 months you built them. Then, you need to post content on each daily, but not in a set pattern that could create a footprint. You then need to make real friends, pick hobbies and make each account act like it has that real hobby and after 6 months of managing these 500 accounts, then start to drip feed links to them. Or, for the same power, you could grab our bronze account for just £35/month.

Q: What reporting will I get ?

Once we have set everything up we will send you a link to a shared Google document that shows full information about what we are going to do, what we have done and what is left to do, please click here for more information. Please note that it can take up to 1 week for the report to come out but we start working for you within 72 hours of your order, normally much sooner.

Q: How do I add more websites ?

For multiple websites / orders please contact us so we can arrange a discount based on your requirements.

Q: Am I tied into a contract ?

Not at all, you can cancel at any time.

Q: Will the social signals remain if I cancel ?

We will not remove your signals if you stop your account with us.

Q: How do I cancel ?

Please contact us and we can arrange the closure of your account.

Q: I see a higher amount of signals made than I should have, why is this ?

This is normally due to “natural” signals you’ve gained, for example, lets say on Facebook you had 100 likes and we were going to give you another 35 during the month, you would expect to see 135 when we are finished. However, during that time, if you also received 10 likes from other sources, you would end up with 145.

Q: Do I need to make any social accounts myself ?

No, as the signals will be coming from our accounts. However, if you don’t have a Facebook, Google+ and Twitter account we would highly recommend this as it can help to grow your business in it’s own right.

Q: Will these social signals put my website onto page 1 of the search engines ?

On their own it is highly unlikely. Search engine optimisation requires multiple strategies to “tick” all the boxes required, these include: “on the page” factors, i.e. how your website is build / the html code, how your website is managed e.g. internal link strategy / content strategy, high quality relevant backlinks and to top it off, high quality natural social signals. We also own a white hat SEO / PPC agency so if you would like any help on such matters please contact us, we’d be delighted to help.

Q: I can buy far more social signals on, why are you more expensive ?

With our social signals, you are paying for the highest quality to give you the highest power and reduce any potential negatives such as the accounts being such down and / or search engines seeing them as bot / fake created accounts. We could easily create over 500,000 new facebook accounts per hour if we wanted to, using automation / spam tactics to create spammy / low quality accounts that the search engines could tell they were made by such means and most of the accounts would be closed down within 6 months. Our cost to make accounts by hand, with their own IP addresses, unique content, making real friends, real comments etc cost far more money, but having high quality for online marketing is now essential if you want the results and longevity.

Q: My question isn’t here, what should I do ?

Please contact us, we’d love to hear from you and would be delighted to help.