Transparency on change of business set up and service management

My passion for SEO and PPC is still as high today as it was when I started many years ago. However, due to one of my other businesses (in the finance sector) dramatically increasing, the amount of “customer service” time required for my marketing business, will need to be reduced and potentially eliminated altogether.

I still want to be involved with SEO and PPC, as I honestly love the constant testing of ideas, strategies over 1000s of test sites, helping businesses grow, etc - so I’ll be moving the customer services part to an old and trusted business partner in the stages below. They will use the same systems, strategy etc, and I will be involved in their own business, so not a great deal will change apart from myself not doing any customer services communications. The stages are...

Stage 1 = letting people know about the changes above, and new direct clients will be introduced to my very trusted business partner. I am now not accepting new direct clients.

Stage 2 = all new resellers clients also introduced to my business partner.

Stage 3 = current direct clients and resellers given many months notice about customer service stopping from myself and they are introduced to my business partner.

Once all 3 stages are complete, I will no longer being doing any client or reseller customer service but will be heavily involved in the SEO / PPC systems, testing and further improvements.

Also please rest assured that we will give clients time to either move over to my business partner, or seek another provider so no one has any negative repercussions from this change.

Any questions on it please feel free to contact me and many thanks for your understanding 😊